Welcome to Turnerstories.com, where I will share one short story every month, accompanied by an illustration. Every story is different, but for a quick description: think Black Mirror meets the Brothers Grimm. Enjoy the stories, and if you like them, please share.

N.A. Turner

Hi! I am N.A. Turner and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a writer, being fascinated by stories. I did write when I was younger, only to quit when I went to high school. I focused on a different direction in life, business. A great direction, but a few years ago I missed writing. Right now we live in a time where we do not necessarily have to follow one path anymore. So, when 2017 took off, I decided to just go for it and see what happens. I draw inspiration from other stories, philosophy, human virtues and vices, technology, travel, myths, fairy tales, history and much much more. I look to hold up a mirror, to highlight certain aspects of our lives and put them in perspective. These stories are places where reality meets fantasy. From a magic tree, technology gone bad, societies shaken and time travel. On Turnerstories.com I will share one short story every month, accompanied by an illustration by my friend Jonat (see his profile below). Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy the stories and find something useful.

N.A. Turner (1989)

Jonat Deelstra

I am Jonat, for my illustrations and paintings I take my inspiration from my travels. I have seen parts of Asia and most parts of South-America. Born in the Netherlands, I look through Western-European eyes. Raised with cultural arrogance and an oriental view on the world. I try to play with expectation versus reality, the fakeness of the entertainment industry and the still living dreams of exotic paradises. My work feels like a scene of a play or an opera perhaps. Though the works are colorful and strong, the scenes seem to fall apart, as if waking up from that particular dream. The paint is dripping and the figures and landscape are soft and almost melting. The light is scarce, because there is no room for the whole truth, only what I want you to see. Just like how the media works. It’s just a charade. I work with paint, charcoal, crayons, woodcut and papermache. When I was seventeen I studied Game Design for four years in Amsterdam. Then I studied Illustration in Utrecht. I’m going to try to keep traveling as much as I can, while working on personal work.

Jonat Deelstra (1991)