Book “How to Write a Short Story” available on Amazon!

Everything you need to successfully write and publish your short stories. Available on Amazon Kindle & paperback.

You always wanted to write short stories but you have no idea where to begin. Do you want to become better at writing fiction? Perhaps you find it hard to come up with ideas for a story or to devise a plot. Maybe you have difficulty developing your own style or is your dialogue rusty.

N.A. Turner is here to help you navigate the land of short story writing from outlining your story to attracting readers.

Every aspiring writer dreams of people reading his or her work. Short story writing is a way of both developing your writing style and to introduce your talent to potential readers. At the start of their career, the likes of Stephen King and Charles Bukowski made a name for themselves by writing and publishing short stories.

Learn more about N.A. Turner’s writing tips based on his experience and research.

This guide teaches you:

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  • How to write well-structured short stories

  • How to determine your theme

  • How to plot your story

  • How to create engaging, interesting characters

  • How to build a fictional world

  • How to write scenes and clear dialogue

  • How to get to that first draft and edit your story

  • How to publish your short stories in the current market

  • And much more

    This guidebook will show you a step-by-step process to successfully write and publish short stories. From developing an idea to attracting readers online. This comprehensive, step-by-step guide is all you need to get started.

Book “We are all in this together” available on Amazon!

A collection of 13 short stories. Available in eBook & Paperback


Climate change, technological advancement, economic shifts, political divide. Us humans seem to grow apart at an alarmingly fast pace. Sometimes we tend to forget that we are similar in so many ways. We are all in this together. This thing called life. The following collection of short stories are reflections on our shared human experience. What makes us human? What binds us?

It can be through a fairy tale in which a man discovers a money tree growing in his garden. How will he cope with his newfound riches? Or through a dystopian future of advanced humans connected with AI visiting a Sapien Zoo, to see how they used to live in our time. In another story, we find ourselves in 2062. Malcolm and his family live on Mars. Both his mom and dad tell him a haunting tale about what had made them leave their former planet. A climate adrift.

A totalitarian organization known as The Quartet terrorized and decimated the Earth’s population. As another ship lands with the leader of The Quartet, Malcolm and his family must defend their settlement on Mars.

These short stories touch upon human virtues and vices, identity, alternative universes, space travel, philosophy, death and after life, and much more. All stories feature stunning original illustrations by Jonat Deelstra.

The book is available as an eBook in the Kindle store and in Paperback version.

New Novella available on Amazon!

The First Ring Bearers

A long, long time ago, at the foot of the mountains of a remote island, Cartius saw colored lights coming from a cave. Guided by his curiosity, he finds seven glimmering gemstones. He returns to his shed with a carving from each and forges a magical ring. Overwhelmed by its power, he decides to create more rings so he can share his abilities for a better world.

We follow Cartius on an adventure throughout all continents in his quest to find fellow Ring Bearers. He finds different cultures and interesting companions on the way. Will he find the right people to build his magical community? 

Cartius’s first pupil, Sigurd, grows ever more envious of all the newcomers. Will he accept his fellow Ring Bearers or will he succumb to the trap that lies in having power? Envy brews and tensions rise until an ultimate fight.

This novella serves as the origin story to the upcoming The Ring Bearers novels. Check for updates and more info.

1st eBook available on Amazon!

We are all in this together, vol. 1

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A poor man finds a money tree growing in his garden. What will he do with his newfound fortune? Humai people with eBrain extensions visit long lost Homo Sapiens in the Sapien Zoo. Are they still in contact with their human nature and values? A hacker rearranges society by providing everyone with a basic income and introduces a new form of democracy through an app. How will people from different layers in society cope within that new world?

Inspired by magic, science fiction, futurism and humanity, N.A. Turner reflects on our shared human experience. All original stories feature stunning illustrations by Jonat Deelstra.

A perfect gift of four compelling short stories about what makes us human, about what binds us.

2nd eBook is available!

We are all in this together, vol 2.

We are all in this together vol. 2

The Sun organizes a tea party for all planets in his galaxy, a philosophical afternoon of debating. However, this time envy brews and results in an explosive afternoon. 

In the ER Noah encounters four different patients, their injuries made them realize the things they regret most in life. Can he help them gain perspective by telling an ancient tale that once helped him find his vocation? 

Robb is unhappy. One night he meets the phantom of time. Filled with riddles and time travel, Robb revisits his past and sees a glimpse of his future. Can the phantom help him find his true way?

Ramona is full of life, but she’s sick. She vows to survive and see her children grow up. 
A troll appears to Dylan, her youngest, and guides him through his mother’s illness at three points in their lives. But why is the troll really there? 

Inspired by magic, science fiction, futurism and humanity, N.A. Turner reflects on our shared human experience. He writes short stories described as a mix between the TV Show Black Mirror and the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

3rd eBook is available!

We are all in this together, vol 3.


Robin hates having to play a different ‘character’ of herself in any social setting. After a night out, she enters a new world in which people seem to have lost their inhibitions and are themselves and don’t care about society, norms, values and rules. 

Daniel has died. Three beautiful goddesses let him visit three afterlives full of wonder, absurdity and pain-staking questions about his existence. He must choose one. Faced with an impossible decision, from existing in a digital cloud to morphed bodies, or even a deleted existence. 

In the last two-part stories, we follow Malcolm and his family who live on Mars in the year 2062. His father tells Malcolm the story as to how they had to leave Earth and build a life on Mars. The haunting tale explains that a totalitarian state came to power, suppressing the people. An assembly known as The Quartet had terrorized and decimated the Earth’s population. The climate was adrift. But only one ship made it to Mars. Until another ship lands in town square after more than 10 years. On board is the leader of The Quarter, ready to take over the Mars settlement.

Inspired by magic, science fiction, futurism and humanity, N.A. Turner reflects on our shared human experience. He writes short stories described as a mix between the TV Show Black Mirror and the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.