Episode 9: The Grandest Play

Robin hates having to play a different ‘character’ of herself in any social setting. Why can’t she be the same at work, with her friends and with her family?

At work she is required to be strict and stern, while she would really like to be nice to her employees.

Then, after a night out, she enters a new world in which people seem to have lost their inhibitions. In which they are themselves and don’t care about society, norms, values and rules. Will Robin be able to find peace with all the masks she is wearing?

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Episode 8: The Brightest Wig

Ramona is a single mother of two boys. She's full of life, but life has a cruel way of returning the favor. Suffering from lung cancer, she makes a vow to see her children grow up. At any cost.

The family is followed at three points in their lives, in which events ensue that test Ramona's survival. Dylan, her youngest, sees one of his troll dolls coming to life, telling him to take good care of his mother. The troll will appear at these events to help Dylan guide through his mother's illness. But why is the troll really there? And is Ramona's vow strong enough for her to stay alive and be with her family?

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Episode 7: The Vain Phantom

Robb is unhappy with the way his life has turned out. He's desperately trying to hold onto his youth. Days go by, not to be remembered. Unfulfilled. 

One night Robb finds himself confronted with his painful past only to meet an odd and laughing child. The child introduces himself as the phantom of time. Filled with riddles and time travel, Robb revisits his past and sees a glimpse of his future. Can the phantom help him find his true way?

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Episode 6: The Regret Rooms

Noah is an unusual man. After a mysterious man tells him a wonderful tale and offers to buy his gas station, he decides to finally do what he had always wanted, to help people. Finding himself in his early sixties and having finished his degree, he starts working as a nurse in the ER.

In the ER he encounters four different patients, all at a tipping point in their life. Their injuries have made them realize the things they regret most in life. Noah decides to help them, the same way he has been aided in his past. He tells them the tale once told to him by the mysterious man. 

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Episode 5: The Planet's Party

The Sun had organized a tea party for all the big planets in his galaxy. It was an annual tradition, a philosophical afternoon of talking and debating. However, there was also plenty of time to complain and gossip. And this edition envy brewed and resulted in an explosive afternoon. Are the planets able to come closer together to solve the mysteries of the universe? 

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Episode 4: The Democr App

This is part 2 in a 2-part series. In part 2, we continue where The System Shutdown left off, please listen to the previous episode.

Mouse87, a hacker specialized in destabilizing societies carries out the second step in his grand plan for society. He introduces the Democr App, an app with which people vote daily on societal issues. In order for everyone to keep their basic income, they are obliged to cast their votes. Will this new democratic form divide or unite the nation? 

Jonathan, a former rich man, gathers protesting former rich folk to find ways to get back to their former wealth and power. And they will stop at nothing to achieve that. What happens to the Vagabond when he meets his family after all those years? Are Megan and Bruce able to adjust to this new democratic form? Will their relationship be strong enough for their opposing views? What is the connection between the widow and Mouse87?
You can find out in the last part of this story, The Democr App.

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Episode 3: The System Shutdown

This is part 1 in a 2-part series and it introduces us to a newly structured society, proposing more economic equality. But is that really feasible? Part two will be released next month.

Mouse87, a hacker specialized in destabilizing societies carries out his masterplan for his own country. The economic system is shutdown and changed to a point in which everyone receives the same basic income. In addition, everyone’s bank account is held at the same level. Naturally, the former poor are thrilled and the former rich ill-willed. What happens to the people in this new forming society? What is Mouse87’s objective and his grander plan in introducing a new societal form?

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Episode 2: The Sapien Zoo

In the future we will face fascinating new technologies and developments. 
What if we as humans in the future become connected to technology in a transcendental way? 
Some projects are in development as of this moment, projects both exciting and frightening. What if we are connected to AI? Who and what will we become?

In this story, a young girl named Matilda lives in a world where our species as we know it don't exist anymore, we have become half human, half AI. 
When she visits the Sapien Zoo, she encounters past Homo Sapiens in their natural habitat. But is this Humai species still in contact with their human nature and values?

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Episode 1: The Money Tree

Welcome to episode one. 
The story in this episode is called The Money Tree.

Have you ever dreamed about having a money tree in your garden? What would you do with such a fortune?

The man in this story couldn’t believe his luck as he found out one morning a money tree was growing in his garden. Coming from a poor background, his life changes dramatically. What would he do with his new found fortune?

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