Episode 3: The System Shutdown

This is part 1 in a 2-part series and it introduces us to a newly structured society, proposing more economic equality. But is that really feasible? Part two will be released next month.

Mouse87, a hacker specialized in destabilizing societies carries out his masterplan for his own country. The economic system is shutdown and changed to a point in which everyone receives the same basic income. In addition, everyone’s bank account is held at the same level. Naturally, the former poor are thrilled and the former rich ill-willed. What happens to the people in this new forming society? What is Mouse87’s objective and his grander plan in introducing a new societal form?

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Episode 2: The Sapien Zoo

In the future we will face fascinating new technologies and developments. 
What if we as humans in the future become connected to technology in a transcendental way? 
Some projects are in development as of this moment, projects both exciting and frightening. What if we are connected to AI? Who and what will we become?

In this story, a young girl named Matilda lives in a world where our species as we know it don't exist anymore, we have become half human, half AI. 
When she visits the Sapien Zoo, she encounters past Homo Sapiens in their natural habitat. But is this Humai species still in contact with their human nature and values?

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Episode 1: The Money Tree

Welcome to episode one. 
The story in this episode is called The Money Tree.

Have you ever dreamed about having a money tree in your garden? What would you do with such a fortune?

The man in this story couldn’t believe his luck as he found out one morning a money tree was growing in his garden. Coming from a poor background, his life changes dramatically. What would he do with his new found fortune?

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