Episode 4: The Democr App

This is part 2 in a 2-part series. In part 2, we continue where The System Shutdown left off, please listen to the previous episode.

Mouse87, a hacker specialized in destabilizing societies carries out the second step in his grand plan for society. He introduces the Democr App, an app with which people vote daily on societal issues. In order for everyone to keep their basic income, they are obliged to cast their votes. Will this new democratic form divide or unite the nation? 

Jonathan, a former rich man, gathers protesting former rich folk to find ways to get back to their former wealth and power. And they will stop at nothing to achieve that. What happens to the Vagabond when he meets his family after all those years? Are Megan and Bruce able to adjust to this new democratic form? Will their relationship be strong enough for their opposing views? What is the connection between the widow and Mouse87?
You can find out in the last part of this story, The Democr App.

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