How to Write Great Scenes for Your Short Stories

Setting Up Scenes, Buildup and Payoff.

“Drama is the way of holding the reader's attention. The basic formula for drama is setup, buildup, payoff - just like a joke. The setup tells us what the game is. The buildup is where you put in all the moves, the forward motion, where you get all the meat off the turkey. The payoff answers the question, Why are we here anyway? What is it that you've been trying to give?” - Anne Lamott

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How to Introduce Your Reader to Your Fictional World

Introducing the World of Your Short Story.

“Worldbuilding touches all aspects of your story. It touches plot and character as well. If you don't know the culture your character comes from, how can you know what he's really like? You must know your characters on a much deeper level than you would if you just shrugged your way into a cookie cutter fantasy world.” - Patrick Rothfuss

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